Mail Parcel Notifications




Mail Parcel Notifications

Mail Notification – Saving You Time & Making Your Life Easier

According to your needs, with your MBE private mailbox you can request FREE instant notifications from us when mail arrives. We send emails or SMS to let you know and you can come 24/7 to collect your deliveries whenever suits you, utilizing our safe and comfortable lobby.

Home based businesses

For home based businesses, your own private mailbox will give you a prestigious mailing address in Perth CBD enhancing the image of your company.

One stable mailing address
For those moving house or offices, a private mailbox gives stability with one mailing address during the transition.

Frequent travelers

For those travelling a lot, a mailbox gives a stable receipt point for all your deliveries and we can contact you wherever you are in the world to let you know as things arrive. You can then let us know what you would like done with your mail.<

Keep your residential address private

You can use your private mailbox for sensitive matters you want to keep private and when you prefer your residential address not to become part of public record, such as in a court case.

MBE’s private mailboxes are the perfect solution for mail receiving in any shape or form, providing the highest standards of security and privacy.

Our mail notification service is the icing on the cake, ensuring you never make an unnecessary trip.

Call MBE Perth CBD today to find out about our mailbox service

Receive Instant Parcel Notification with Your MBE Perth CBD Private Mailbo

We will notify you as soon as any parcels arrive in your private mail box, saving you unnecessary trips to check. We can set up email or SMS instant notifications and then whenever you are ready to pick up your deliveries you can come by our 24 hour lobby and collect them at your leisure.

Benefits of an MBE Perth CBD private mailbox with parcel notification

Private mailboxes provide stability to those who travel frequently, ensuring you consistently receive your correspondence. Private mailboxes protect your full details from being revealed to the general public, guaranteeing privacy and identity protection. You don’t have to plan to be home to sign for your packages, giving you greater flexibility.

To find out more about our parcel notification and other personalised mail receiving services, contact MBE Perth CBD today.

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